Restaurant - Overview:

Ontario Canadian Steakhouse

A piece of Canada

Discover the first class specialities and savour excellent wines with style with an impressive view of the "Dresdner Frauenkirche".

Fon +49 351 40 28 86 60


Dine exclusive in the Coselpalais directly at the Frauenkirche

Charming and unique atmosphere

in the renovated baroque Cosel Palace in the historic city centre next to the "Dresdner Frauenkirche".

Fon +49 351 496 24 44


Enjoy swiss kitchen at the edelweiss alpine restaurant

Alpine restaurant

Diners from around the world gather here next to the "Frauenkirche" from morning 'til evening. Culinary delights on two floors.

Fon +49 351 498 98 36


Cozy and rustic Kutscherschänke restaurant near the Frauenkirche

The restaurant with good homemade cooking

In one of the oldest lanes of the City "Münzgasse" near the "Dresdner Frauenkirche".

Fon +49 351 496 51 23


Explore australian atmosphere and food at the Ayers Rock restaurant

The special meeting place with Australian flair

Located on Dresden's most famous street of bars, "Münzgasse", next to the "Dresdner Frauenkirche"

Fon +49 351 490 11 88 


Kurfuerstenschaenke - Dine like Augustus the Strong directly at the Frauenkirche

Dine like "Augustus the Strong" 

Next to the "Dresdner Frauenkirche". Travel back to the 18th century.  Experience the world of "August der Starke".

Fon +49 351 42 44 82 80


Dresden's favorite brewery - with an exceptional view over Dresden

Dresden's favourite brewery

A traditional restaurant for the whole family in an atmospheric brewery with an exceptional view over Dresden.

Fon +49 351 652 39 00


Trendsetting food and drinks in Dresden - Borowski

The place to meet on Dresden's shopping street

Experience trendsetting food and drinks in the heart of Dresden's most famous shopping street, "Prager Strasse".

Fon +49 351 490 64 11


Enjoy delicious saxon cuisine, coffee and cake specialties in the Café Schinkelwache at the Semperopera

Café directly at the Semperopera

A by-word for the classical coffee-house tradition in Dresden. Enjoy a range of special coffees and cuisine from Saxony and around the world.

Fon +49 351 490 39 09